How We Can Die in the Presence of God

Just Who is in Control Here?

I remember a phrase that was tossed around some years ago (and probably is still today) that went something like this: "You just need to let go and let God." Responding to this statement, people would shake their heads in agreement: "Yes, yes...those are such true words."

And it's true: they ARE true words. We have to be willing and obedient enough in our Christian life to let go of whatever it is we are trying to control and let God be the one who steers the ship. Is this easy? Absolutely not.

In 2 Samuel 6 we find the story of the Ark of God being moved. King David has put together a crack team of guys to go to Judah and bring the Ark of God to the City of David. At one point in the journey, one of the oxen that was carrying the Ark of God stumbles, causing the Ark of God to appear unsteady. In haste, one of the men helping with the transport - his name is Uzzah - reaches up to steady the Ark. This arouses the anger of God and Uzzah was struck dead right then and there.

Here is Uzzah, along with about 30,000 other elite troops, tasked with the transport of the Ark of God. The Ark of God was not a small replica ship of Noah's Ark, it was the very presence of God in the people's midst. Here we find Uzzah, literally in the presence of God, and the moment things begin to appear to not be going right, he extends his arm to fix the situation.

I don't know about you, but I have never seen the authority and the power of God waiver in my life or in all of scripture. The idea that perhaps the Ark of God was going to go tumbling down off the back of the oxen seems a bit dramatic, but somehow in Uzzah's mind, this was a possibility. In order to keep that from happening, he intervened on God's behalf.  

Yes, God just loves it when we intervene on His behalf. Or does He?

Apparently not. Uzzah is struck dead in the presence of God. Dead. 

Even in the presence of the Almighty God, we can be dead. Uzzah was dead physically, but many of us who are professing followers of Jesus Christ are so busy trying to reach up and offer God our helping hand that we have been spiritually dead as we fail to recognize HIs power and authority in our lives.

Do yourself a favor: don't give God advice. Don't try to control God. It never works and Uzzah is proof of that. While God may not reach down and strike you dead, you will find that even in God's presence, you will be completely disconnected and dead to Him.