Fusion Youth exists to develop followers of Jesus Christ who love God and serve others. 

 Our Purpose  is to engage students in a relational environment, connecting them with other Christians, to equip them with lifelong faith building and empower them to reach their God-given potential and friends for Christ!


Fusion Youth is ENGAGING
Engaging brings change. We believe change begins when each of us engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe the most important decision a person will ever make is to accept the love, grace, forgiveness and life that is offered to all through Jesus Christ. There comes a moment when we say yes to God and enter into an authentic relationship with Him. We believe the love of God is the most engaging and compelling force in the universe and we want to introduce students who don’t know God to the life and love that He has for them.


Fusion Youth is EQUIPPING
We offer a blend of both activities and a meaningful worship experience to help equip students in reaching their friends for Christ. Worship is an integral part of what we do. We believe that we not only worship God in moments and experience when we gather together for time of praise and Bible study, but that worship is the lifestyle which God is calling us to live out every moment of every day. We want to equip our students to live their entire lives as worship to the God who created them and gives them life, and to equip our parents to be the spiritual leaders in their home.


Fusion Youth is EMPOWERING
We want to develop students and parents who are making a difference in the lives of others and the world they live in for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We believe every student has been uniquely created and provided with distinct gifts and talents. We believe that God has a place for each of them to serve. We want to challenge students to discover what their gifts are and how they can use them to glorify God, to help others and to make the world they live in a better place and empower parents to establish their position as their child’s primary spiritual influence.