Our Values

We exist to guide the unloved into the loving embrace of Jesus

Our Values

We believe that God places us right where He wants us. And if we are obedient to Him, He will reveal to us the mission. We have been placed in the heart of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Our community, like many communities, is battling drug and alcohol addiction, abuse in the home, human and sex trafficking, poverty, and more. In each of these situations, the victim of this reality often feels unwanted and unloved. Many times there is a breakdown in family and friend relationships. Soon the feeling of being unwanted and unloved becomes reality.

God never stops loving us. We believe God has placed us here to guide those who feel unwanted and who feel unloved into the loving embrace of Jesus Christ.

In that mission, we value these things:

No strings attached COMPASSION
We want to meet the tangible needs of the unloved without judging or holding back just so that people can experience the embrace of Jesus.

We want nothing more than to make much of Jesus in every day, no kidding, this is how it is life. 

Cross-generational COMMUNITY
From stroller to walker, we crave an atmosphere where the young and the old learn, love, and live together. 

Faithfulness to the GREAT COMMISSION
We shamelessly focus on making disciples that make disciples.